Our Approach

The school follows the principles of Montessori, putting the needs of the child at the heart of learning and allowing them to develop in a natural way. Montessori shares the underlying principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as required by OFSTED.

The Montessori approach is about developing the whole child; intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, linguistically and spiritually whilst building on the child’s intrinsic desire to learn and their ability to absorb knowledge.

The Montessori School House provides a prepared environment where children are free to respond to their natural drive to work and learn. The children’s inherent love of learning is encouraged by giving them the opportunities to engage in spontaneous, meaningful activities under the guidance of a trained teacher. Through their work, the children develop concentration, motivation, persistence, and discipline.

Montessori nursery education provides a broad range of learning experiences and focuses on six areas of learning in accordance with the principles of the compulsory Early Years Foundation Stage. These are:

•Practical Life





•Creative Activities

Stimulating apparatus and equipment is organised on accessible open shelves enabling children to acquire and perfect skills within all six areas of learning.

The Montessori School House offers a broad range of learning materials and apparatus to enrich the learning of every child, whatever their needs or abilities both inside and outside the classroom.