Resources and Facilities

The two spacious classrooms are fully equipped to cater for the children’s development. They are split into areas dedicated to different activities.

The Montessori curriculum is supported by the range of materials that are organised on low accessible open shelves, grouped according to the areas of learning. The environment is organised so that children learn through all the senses. They take part in specific experiences using practical materials which are designed to develop manipulative skills. All learning in Montessori environments starts from real experiences.

Language and Listening Area

A cosy area with soft furnishings and brightly coloured scatter cushions. The room can also be used for group activities. It houses a wide selection of children’s books, puppets, storytelling aids and a range of musical instruments including a piano.

Imaginitive Play Area

This gives the children the opportunity for role play in the home corner, dressing up and small world play such as the garage, dolls house and farm.

Investigation Area

This deals with science and maths activities.

Creative Area

This area contains materials for art and craft activities such as paints, paper glue, scissors and a variety of resources used for collage work and model making.

Outdoor Area for Physical Activity

The Nursery has it’s own secure enclosed garden and small wood which has plenty of space for the children to run, jump and climb and in doing so improve their strength, co-ordination and awareness of space. We have a play house in the wood for imaginative play, a vegetable patch and an enclosed area with chickens and ducks. The children have the optional opportunity to dig the vegetable patch, plant seeds, feed the ducks and chickens. This area also has play equipment with climbing frames and slides.

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